Employers who champion women in civil

If you want to find or be employed by a business that is committed to supporting women in the civil industry, you have come to the right place!

The employers listed on this page have demonstrated their support of women joining and remaining in our industry by signing a public commitment with CCF NSW.

As an Employer Champion for Women in Civil, these employers have committed to the following:

  • Support the CCF NSW’s vision of equality in gender participation in civil by 2050… the 50 by 50 campaign.
  • Ensure they implement employment processes that proactively seek to encourage female applications, and then consider women for all roles.
  • Ensure they implement ‘Equal pay for equal roles’ regardless of gender identification.
  • Constantly review internal and external communications such as intra-office messaging and websites to ensure there is diversity in the images and language used.
  • Ensure they provide a support network for women in the workplace by participating in initiatives such as the CCF NSW Women in Civil Program.
  • Ensure they implement an ongoing staff training program for both harmoniously working in and managing and supervising a diverse workforce.

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Employers Championing Women in Civil