Our role

Protecting Businesses

An essential part of our role is to ensure our industry’s businesses are protected. We achieve this by:

  • Explaining in practical terms what ‘compliance’ looks like;
  • Providing the pro-formas and tools to achieve compliance; and
  • Helping when there are compliance issues.

We achieve this by providing information, service, member support and via the connection to a network of trusted supporting associates.

Growing Businesses

Great, long-lasting businesses are always looking for an edge. CCF NSW gives our members an edge by making their business more competitive (informed, compliant, productive and efficient), by branding them, and by connecting their businesses to a better and larger customer base. CCF NSW facilitates this through its networking, member services, business solutions, and advisory services.

The added confidence a customer can have by buying through an organisation that is a member of the peak industry body is immeasurable.

Giving Our Industry a Voice

CCF NSW is the peak representative body in NSW for the civil infrastructure industry. We are the only organisation charged with representing all employers in the industry, irrespective of their size or sub-sector.

Unswayed by conflicts of interest by being involved in other construction industry sectors, we are routinely asked by governments at local, state and federal level to give voice to our industry’s concerns and recommendations.

However, one can’t just wait to be asked to raise concerns. CCF NSW has a reputation for being tough, thoughtful, factual and fearless in its advocacy for our members and our industry.