Giving your business a voice

CCF NSW represents only employers in the civil infrastructure industry.

We do not represent any other construction sectors. This means we are not swayed by potential conflicts of interest caused by being involved in other construction industry sectors.

As the peak representative body, CCF NSW is routinely asked by Governments of all levels to give voice to our industry’s concerns, and to provide recommendations on new initiatives.

However, one don’t just wait to be asked to raise concerns. CCF NSW has a reputation for being thoughtful, factual, tough, and extremely vocal in its advocacy of our industry. Our job is to represent the industry, so we call it as we see it.

One member – one vote

The Constitution of CCF NSW mandates that each member, no matter how large or small, gets one vote in how we are run. Every member is equal.

The NSW Board itself prides itself on having a mix of membership levels – thereby ensuring even at Board level that firms big and small are heard at the table.


CCF NSW is constantly monitoring government regulations and other public policies that might affect your business and the industry more broadly.

Whether it’s procurement policy, industrial relations or Work Health Safety, if it affects the industry then CCF NSW will be involved. We will research, consult with employers and other stakeholders, and advocate for sensible regulation, and against needless red tape.

We are constantly going to our broader industry and consulting with them, and for repeat, high-volume areas like IR, WHS and procurement, we have established sub-committees to ensure employers get their voice straight into the mix.

Once we have developed the draft of a policy position, the management team place it before the NSW Board for approval. If it would impact other States then we take it to the National Board, thereby ensuring CCF has a consistent approach on policy issues across Australia.


A major part of CCF NSW’s role is to present the views of industry to key decision-makers in government and in their agencies. CCF NSW often meets with government Ministers, public servants and key agencies to explain the position of industry, the impact a regulation might have on industry and to constructively offer alternatives.