Our governance

The CCF is governed by a National Board, with a member elected person from each state sitting on that board. State specific issues, and matters of membership in a state, are dealt with by the individual branch board. The branch board is elected from members of the state.

In accordance with our constitution each member, irrespective of size or location, has one vote in controlling the policy and direction of CCF NSW.

Contractor members may nominate for the board of CCF NSW.


CCF NSW’s constitution is the set of rules by which the CCF NSW and all its members must comply. The constitution is also approved by members. On 15 November 2018, members elected to implement a restructure of CCF, with state branches becoming companies limited by guarantee. CCF NSW transferred under the restructure on 31 December 2018. Members who join a branch now become members of both the branch and the national registered organisation. This does not impact services to our industry or members.

Annual Reports

CCF NSW produces an annual report and our financials are audited against strict standards by an independent auditor.

Download our reports: