Business certification

CCF NSW offers its members a certification system that is less complex and less costly than Australian Standards but which complies with NSW law.

The Problem

The laws and Regulations in NSW relating to the civil contracting industry are complex, and are sometimes different to other States. Yet it’s a fundamental principle of doing business here that you must comply with the laws of NSW.

Even if you’re happy spending money to achieve certification to an Australian Standard (e.g. WHS) this doesn’t confirm you comply with NSW law.

Further, the Australian Standards don’t cover all our business needs (IR is a good example).

Finally, many businesses do not want to go to the expense of being AS certified, but do want the ability to show customers that they have systems in place and are not cowboys.

The Solution

CCF NSW has recognised the need for employers to have civil industry specific standards that are reachable for most businesses. We have recognised that good employers want to be able to show they can meet an accepted industry standard, and that they have been independently assessed to have met that standard.

NSW Business Certification is a CCF NSW member-only benefit that covers a far broader scope than the Australian Standards (AS) do without the huge initial and ongoing expense that certification to AS can result in.

This is a solution that works for the largest contractor right down to the smallest, and is incredibly cost-effective.

How it Works

For each “Category” (see below for the list) CCF NSW sets a documented Standard to be achieved…all are based on the law and good practice here in NSW. The CCF NSW Board of members decides on the Standard.

Most of the audits are desktop reviews…meaning they can be done by you sending us information to review. This saves the employer time and considerable expense.

Certification is held for two years, unless something changes in the business or there is a significant change in the Standard. A re-audit is then undertaken against the Standard.

Wherever possible the audit accepts to the full extent possible any existing certification held (e.g. FSC, 9001, 4801, 14001).

When a customer checks the “Find a Contractor” on CCF NSW’s website, the Certification status is presented for the employers found, and certificates of currency can be downloaded instantly. The employer can thus give customers a guarantee, to the minute, that their Certification status remains in place.

A fundamental presumption of the system is that the employer continues to receive updates on changes to the law, the Standard, and tips to improve their management systems. This is achieved through our member-only e-news, alerts, and CCF NSW Bulletin publication. As such, non-members cannot access this system. Existing members who resign or are terminated will therefore not be permitted to continue, and will be removed from the system.

The Categories

Currently available:

  • Industrial Relations
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • WHS
  • Environmental Management
  • Quality Management
  • Women in Civil


This system is a genuine member benefit – the Board has determined that revenues generated are to be just a cost recovery effort for CCF NSW.

All Categories have an administration fee between $250 to $1,050 (excl GST) per audit (depends on your firm’s size, and the type of audit). That’s right, this cost is incurred just once every two years!

If any work is needed by CCF NSW staff to support the Employer’s improvement in their systems, this can be drawn from your Free Support Hours allocation.

There are some categories that we need to call in the assistance of specialists – for these we have reviewed the prices that will be charged, and we receive reports on the actual costs each member is charged.

More Information

To find out more, contact CCF NSW on or 02 9009 4000.