Associate member benefits

Our Associates are an invaluable resource for our Members. Our Contractor Members are aggressively marketed to by all sorts of suppliers and service providers and, quite frankly, they get tired of sorting out the chaff.

Associate Members offer an easy way for them to filter the huge volume of businesses that are vying for their business.

Why do Contractors pick an Associate over a non-Associate?

  • By paying a Member fee to an organisation that supports them, they know you are serious about contributing to the development of their industry. It reflects in the often quoted line …if you’re not willing to help the industry, why should the industry trust you with their business? Membership acts as a simple filter.
  • Associate Members get spoken about between Contractors at meetings. Is there any better form of marketing than a positive comment from an existing customer?
  • Contractors rely on the collective buying power that CCF NSW brings. If they are having an issue with an Associate, they know it can be raised with us. This seldom is needed because the Associates that join us back their business, but Contractors like knowing it’s there!

What do Associates get?

Associates gain the exclusive ability to access, interact, and advertise to our Members:

  • CCF NSW Associate Members may attend our 50-odd NSW Members events. If your business is to market to this industry…this is a way of guaranteeing you can get access.
  • CCF NSW Associate Members are permitted to advertise to our Members in our e-materials and hard copy publications like the Bulletin Magazine (distribution = 1,500).
  • CCF NSW Associate Members are permitted to sponsor our events or to be an annual sponsor of the branch.

Our Associates can also use our in-house services for their compliance support and advice assistance, and receive Member rates for this. They do not, however, receive Free Support Hours.

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