Earth Awards

About the Awards

The Earth Awards are an ideal opportunity to present your company’s capabilities to the industry, your clients, and prospective clients. The Earth Awards is not about awarding prizes to projects. Rather, it is awarding excellence in project delivery.

Be recognised as a finalist or winner at state/territory and national levels for your company’s excellence in project delivery. The awards recognise civil construction companies that have excelled in:

  • Project & construction management
  • Innovation
  • People development & training
  • Quality management
  • Safety management
  • Environmental management
  • Stakeholder management.

Project Award Categories

The CCF Earth Awards have a high standing within the civil construction industry, government agencies and industry stakeholders. CCF has built up the profile of the Awards and continues to strive for excellence each year with the event series now having run for over 25 years. State and National Earth Awards are presented in seven categories, according to project value:

  • Project Value Up to $2M
  • Project Value $2M to $5M
  • Project Value $5M to $10M
  • Project Value $10M to $30M
  • Project Value $30M to $75M
  • Project Value $75M to $150M
  • Project Value Greater than $150M.

N.B. All project category values must take into consideration the projects final cost inclusive of variations and GST.

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Project planning & management
  • Construction excellence and industry best practice
  • Technical complexities
  • Project timing/milestones & budgets.
  • Innovation concept and implementation.
  • Initiatives, programmes & recognition.
  • Planning management & outcomes.
  • Planning management & outcomes.
  • Planning management & outcomes.
  • Planning management & outcomes.

Who Can Enter

The Earth Awards are open to all Australian civil construction companies. Entries are welcome for projects involving either:

  • Single Contractors; or
  • Joint Entry; involving contractor/client/consultant/designer; or
  • Overseas aid projects – CCF members only in the Asia/Pacific region (companies entering such projects will be required to assist in travel costs for judging).


A project is eligible for the Earth Awards if the project has been completed in the 12 months before 31 March 2024 or has reached the ‘practical completion stage’ (Ref. AS4000 – 1997) as of 31 March 2024.

How To Enter

Please complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form for the 2024 awards and submit it to the CCF NSW office via Once your EOI form has been received an invoice will be sent to you for your EOI fee/s. Once this is paid in full, the office will send you the updated 2024 Submission Guidelines to help in the preparation of your submission.

To download the 2024 Earth Awards EOI form, click here.