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CCF NSW Board and Management

CCF NSW is governed by a Board of persons elected from Contractor Members. Associate Members may not sit on the Board.

The Board of the CCF NSW is voted in biennially (every two years). 

All Board Members must comply with the reporting and disclosure obligations of the Corporations Act 2001 and Branch policy and procedures.

The duties of the CCF NSW Board are defined in a Board Charter which the Board Members formally resolve to abide by. The Charter includes the following duties:

Each Board Member must:

  • Act with care and diligence;
  • Act in good faith and in the best interests of the CCF NSW and for a proper purpose;
  • Represent the Members of CCF NSW, not their individual business interests, when acting in capacity of the Board;
  • Avoid conflict of interest and disclose to the Board as soon as possible when there may be the potential for a conflict; and
  • Hold strictly confidential any and all information they receive in their capacity as a Board Member.

The Board of CCF NSW appoints a CEO who reports directly and solely to it.

CCF NSW Board 2023-25 
(effective 27th September 2023):

Lee Fahey - Menai Civil Contractors Pty Ltd

Vice President
Kim Liddell - Non Destructive Excavations Australia Pty Ltd

State Member Representative & Director on the National Board of CCFA
Gladys Woods - Haslin Constructions

Other Board Members
John Wade - Wade Civil Engineering Pty Ltd
Stephen Cherrie - Cherrie Civil Engineering
Mick Boyle - Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure
Richard Pottie - Ladex Constructions

Composition of the CCF NSW Board is determined by elections. Contractor Members are eligible to vote. Under the CCF NSW Constitution Board Members stand for up to two years.

Current Office Bearers

The NSW President – Lee Fahey

The NSW Vice President – Kim Liddell

The CEO & Company Secretary – Kylie Yates


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