CCF NSW's Bulletin

Sometimes, it’s nice to sit down and read something you can thumb through and draw on. The CCF NSW Bulletin magazine is our quarterly “Bulletin” hardcopy magazine. Distributed to the desks of 1,500 key industry stakeholders and businesses, the Bulletin is a must read.

Packed with information that is essential for businesses in our industry, it is widely regarded as one of the best such publications of any industry body in NSW. Whilst transmitting information is very important, the Bulletin also has an important role in telling the story of our events, and of the people in our great industry.

CCF NSW Members receive at least one copy of the CCF NSW Bulletin as part of their Membership:

 Membership Level  Copies
Level 1 & 2 One copy per Edition
Level 3 Two Copies per Edition
Level 4 Four Copies per Edition
Level 5 Six Copies per Edition
Level 6 Nine Copies per Edition
Associates One copy per Edition

Extra copies are available at a cost of $60(ex GST) per year (set of four) plus postage.
Contact us for an extra copy of the Bulletin on (02) 9009 4000(02) 9009 4000 or