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Growing your business



CCF can and will grow your business in a number of ways…

Firstly, we will (not may - will) make you more competitive by giving you access to information and advice hot off the press. This will be both sword or shield type material:

Protecting and  Growing your buisnessSword – Find out information faster. Find out the facts, not rumours circulated by whispers, and use it to strike fast on business opportunities.

Shield – Find out what you have to be on guard about, and find out straight away. Find out real-world solutions and advice on what to do about it.
Real-world, practical advice is hard to get…now add “industry-specific practical advice” and you get a sense of what we do for employers.

Whether you choose to use this help or not is your call, but we will give it to you, and it’s here ready, should you wish to use to enquire.

Secondly…we connect you and your business. Stop for a moment and think…how important is word of mouth to you when you choose a supplier or contractor? Big, right?

CCF NSW provides a network for you to enjoy. Don’t feel shy about it – that’s exactly what the benefit is designed to do…to connect like-minded people so you can get to know and trust each other.

There are huge opportunities for doing this:

  • We run nearly 50 events a year ranging from regional dinner meetings to black-tie gala balls. Come along, have some fun and network…or even sponsor an event.
  • We publish our own quarterly industry magazine that goes to 1500 key industry readers.

In Detail


NSW civil contractors work hard and in a highly competitive environment. It’s the nature of the game. But it’s a very small industry and many people have known each other for many years. CCF NSW understands this and provides events that allow people in the industry the opportunity to catch up in a non-competitive environment with old friends and meet new ones.

We get this happening through the nearly 50 events we run each year. Events such as our regional meetings, golf days, conferences and talks, award dinners and international tours.

To read more about our Events

Find a Business

CCF NSW is always looking to improve its service for Members. “Find a Business” launched on 1 July 2015 and allows you to find and connect with other businesses who are CCF NSW Members.

Find either a Contractor or Associate by their region and/or the services or products you are looking for.

To find out more, go to Find a Business

CCF NSW Certified Business

Looking for a competitive edge? CCF NSW is helping with that!

CCF NSW has just over 10% of employers in the civil infrastructure industry in NSW. The fact is that not everyone can, or wants to, belong to an organisation that sets a minimum standard for its Members.

But for those that revel in this sort of challenge, and see there is a real business advantage in doing so, CCF NSW has developed a clear market separator - a means to really show potential customers just how good your business is when compared to the masses.

The CCF NSW Business Certification Model allows employers to display to prospective customers and clients that they comply with NSW law and good practice industry standards in a diverse range of key business areas.

To find out more, go to Certified Business 

Branding your business

CCF Member emblem

All financial members of CCF NSW are provided with and permitted to use the “CCF Member” emblem on their website, emails and correspondence, and can advise customers and potential customers of this fact. We can even provide stickers to place on machinery.  

With over 1500 Members across Australia, the “CCF Member” brand is held in high regard and is recognised across NSW and Australia as the brand of the civil construction and maintenance industry.  Contact us to obtain an emblem or image.


The CCF NSW Bulletin magazine is our own bi-annual magazine. It is a high-quality magazine focused not on technical issues, but on compliance/ regulation and hot issues affecting the industry in NSW. It also places a particular emphasis on the social and networking side of the industry.

The Bulletin lands on the desks of some 1500 key NSW industry stakeholders and will also be available in soft copy from our November 2022 issue. So, if you want to get seen by the civil contracting industry…this is the place! To look at specifications and costs of advertising in the Bulletin, download or contact us.


Protecting our Members

Growing their business

Giving their business a Voice

Growing your busines