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How to Join

Contractor or Associate?

First, you have to decide whether your business is joining as an Associate or a Contractor.

This is very important to get right. If you are in the wrong category you can miss out on entitlements and at worst your Membership can be suspended or even terminated.

  • CONTRACTOR MEMBERS – Employers, sole traders and partnerships involved in undertaking civil contracting business in NSW. A detailed list is in our Constitution at Rule 4.3. A link to the Constitution can be located on the footer of this page.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER – Associates/Consultants to the industry including: engineering, surveying and law firms, State and Local government departments, educational institutions and agencies, manufacturing and material suppliers, equipment sale or dry hire (without operator) of plant, equipment and materials used by Contractor Members, or are engaged in any undertaking directly related to or in the supply of services to those Contractor Members.

If you are a business that does both civil contracting work as well as what might be considered “Associate” works, our rules stipulate you must join as a Contractor.

If you are not sure, we can advise you. Just call us on 02 9009 4000 and ask for a Membership Officer.

Then, you have to decide what Level of Membership you are...

What LEVEL do you join as?

The application form has Categories of Membership:

  • For Contractor Members the level is based on the turnover of business you do in NSW - it does not include revenue in other States. However, the turnover refers to the NSW business in its entirety, not just the civil operations.  
    This is because our service can and is provided to your whole NSW business…not just the civil component
  • For Associate Membership it depends entirely on where you operate or market into.  If you operate and market solely in one of our non-Sydney regional areas you can join as a Level 1…otherwise you are a Level 2. Level 2 can attend events anywhere in NSW and can advertise in Bulletin, whereas Level 1 cannot

The Process

Joining CCF NSW is a simple process.

  1. An authorised representative of the business completes the application form (links below) and makes the prescribed payment.
  2. Contractor Members only must supply evidence of public liability and of workers compensation insurance (certificates of currency).
  3. On receipt of the application, payment and insurances (Contractors only), the application is put before the CCF NSW Board. The Board may make enquiries regarding the applicant. The Board makes a decision. Reasons for the decision are not provided (please see appeals process below)
  4. The applicant will be advised of the NSW Board’s decision and if accepted, the business will be listed on the CCF NSW Register of Members. If rejected, the annual membership fee (but not the Processing Fee) is refunded.
  5. The application is forwarded to the CCF National Board for review.

Note: As Membership of CCF NSW may entitle complimentary membership of the CCF industrial organisation, CCF NSW forwards successful CCF NSW Members to CCF National for review.

Appeals Process

The applicant may appeal the decision by writing to the CEO of CCF NSW including detailed reasons for the appeal.

The Board will review the appeal and make a final decision. The applicant will be advised of the result. Reasons for the decision will not be provided.

For further information about Membership please contact the Membership Support Manager at CCF NSW on 02 9009 400002 9009 4000, complete the contact us form, or email 


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